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Tasting Bruny Island

In January, my parents, partner and I took a family holiday to Tasmania. We arrived in Hobart at night, and the following morning we picked up our rental car and (after a giant breakfast at Pigeon Hole Cafe) drove straight to Bruny Island for a day of fresh food. We joked that Bruny Island was an island off of an island (Tasmania) off of an island (Australia). When you look south, over the ocean horizon, the next stop is Antarctica!

It was late morning when we arrived on Bruny Island after the quick ferry from mainland Tasmania. There is one main highway that goes in a loop around the island, so you just have to choose which of the several foodie destinations are on your list for the day. Most places close at 4 or 5pm, so you have to be strategic! 

Our first stop was Bruny Island Cheese and Beer Co. They served paired cheese and beer tasting paddles, which we loved! We decided on a few cheeses to buy and bring along on a picnic the following day.

The next stop along the highway was the Neck Lookout. The single flight of stairs leads you to a gorgeous look out of the narrow highway connecting the north and south of the island, with views of the ocean on either side.


Another short drive down the highway brought us to Bruny Island Premium Wines. The winery had a gorgeous lookout, a generous wine tasting, and a delicious looking menu. We were saving our stomachs for oysters, so we just tasted lots of wine and a few ciders and went on our way. In retrospect, I would have skipped the big breakfast in Hobart and have a big brunch or lunch here instead!

By this time in the afternoon, we were really budgeting our time! We made it to Get Shucked Oysters just in time before they closed at 4:30. I am not exaggerating when I say that these were the best oysters I have ever tasted. They were farmed just across the street, and walked over to this little shack to be shucked and served. They served a few different styles-- raw and fried with a variety of complementary sauces, and also sold through an adorable oyster drive through! I was charmed and I'll be forever comparing oysters to these.


Our final stop on Bruny Island was Bruny Island House of Whisky. This cozy bar offered top shelf whiskies from around the world, and we were each directed to whiskies to suit our tastes. It started to rain, and we sat and sipped whisky on the covered porch. It was a great end to our day!


What's your favorite foodie destination?