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Half day tour of Phuket Island

Please excuse this backlog of posts! I've been doing all the things, instead of writing about all the things. I have the time now to make regular posting a habit.

Anyway, back in November I spent a week in Phuket. I had a free day, and did a quick google search before deciding to do a daytrip around the island with Phuket Travel Company . Yes, the website looks a little sketchy, but I wanted something cheap that I could book that day. I booked in for their Phuket Island Half Day Afternoon tour, and sure enough, they picked me up in my hotel lobby at 1pm. The tour cost 25 USD (32 AUD).

After picking up a few other tourists (about 6 in total), we stopped at two look out points: Kata viewpoint and Windmill viewpoint (sorry my big head is blocking the view!).

Both were beautiful views of the coast, one with a lush jungle in the foreground. Actually, in between those view points they stopped at an elephant center, but I deeply oppose elephants being trained for tourists and being chained on a concrete slab so I stayed in the car, (much to the tour guide's dismay).

Next, we visited the Big Buddha which sits high on a hill overlooking the island. It was an incredible site! For much of the tour we could see the Big Buddha from afar, as a tiny speck on the horizon.


After wandering around the Big Buddha, we hopped back in the van and went on to the Wat Chalong Temple. It was a group of 4 or 5 ornate and colorful buildings with many different shrines to pay homage to local deities.


The Big Buddha and Wat Chalong are must sees if you're visiting Phuket.

We then had a few quick stops (mostly just in gift shops) at a honey farm, a cashew farm, and a giant jeweler. I could have skipped these but I appreciated being whisked away and not having to plan for the day!


I picked up some dank Tom Yum flavored cashews which I happily snacked on for the rest of my trip.

After a bit of traffic, we made our way into the old town of Phuket. I was pleasantly surprised by the  gorgeous Sino-Portuguese architecture, and I will be sure to spend a few full days and nights in this area if I find myself in Phuket again. There were countless cafes and restaurants that looked amazing, but I wasn't able to stop in any of them!


The final stop was another viewpoint overlooking Phuket city. It was a lovely spot to see the sunset, and an end to a great little tour of Phuket! I was very glad that I spent the day out and about, and got to see so much more of the island. I would definitely recommend this tour.


Where have you gone on a tour that you loved?