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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is less than a week away and we all know that the fathers in our lives (dads, husbands) are hard to shop for! I hope this list can inspire some ideas! TG for 2 day shipping. (Refresh if you don’t see the items below!)

make them smell good

I just discovered this line at Target, and even though I bought the body wash for myself, they are definitely “manly” scents and marketed/made for men. (Also cheaper than women’s bodywash because hello feminine tax). I’m obsessed. It’s like Target brand Aesop. (Oh and I think the fathers in your life would like it too). I got the Cedarwood & Geranium scent but the Mint one was really nice too!

for the music lover

My dad falls into this category. For Christmas a few years ago, I got him these Bose headphones and he uses them every day at the gym. He also has a Wonderboom speaker that he loves. Along with his headphones, I got him an Apple music subscription (offered to pay for it for a year) and set it all up for him on his phone which was the real gift, let’s be honest. He LOVES it, he loves discovering new and old music— it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Highly recommend.

How cool are these wine glasses?? They show you how much to fill them up so you can play certain notes on the rim. These are now on my wish list (wink-wink).

for the host

Here are a few gift ideas for the dad who loves wining, dining, and family game nights. We recently discovered the board game “codenames” (it’s probably old news) but it’s a great one for groups. This Game of Thrones themed Settlers of Catan is also pretty cool in a dad nerd way!! The lawn game below (we call it Finnska but Pier 1 calls it something else) is SO MUCH FUN and so fitting for Father’s Day since it’s perfect for summer evenings.

I hope this list gave you some ideas! Comment more ideas below to add to it!