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Hotel Review: The Fabris (Korcula, Croatia)


After a day trip from Dubrovnik up the Peljesac Peninsula, we finally arrived to the island of Korcula, Croatia. We drove off of the ferry, and directly to our accommodation: The Fabris.


The Fabris is adjacent to the old town of Korcula, just a 2 minute walk from the Korcula Town Gate, and across the street from the water with a fantastic view of the old town (above). We stayed in a Sea-Facing room with the most incredible view (below)! With the window open, the room got a cool sea breeze. We loved it!

View from our room at  The Fabris .

View from our room at The Fabris.

The Fabris is a boutique hotel with street-facing and sea-facing rooms. It's in an old stone building that has been fixed up with beautiful wood floors and "smart room" technology. Our room was small but had everything we needed-- equipped with a closet, desk, mini fridge and TV (not pictured). The bathroom was modern with a rain shower head and we enjoyed hot showers in a bathroom that didn't flood (I feel like I always flood the bathrooms in Europe??) which was great. Since the room was small, the bathroom and bedroom were very close together so I was glad that I was comfortable with my travel buddy! It would be a great room for couples.


After we settled in, we headed downstairs to the restaurant/bar and sipped on some limoncello while watching a World Cup match (it was such a great time to be in Europe)! That night, we explored the old town by foot and enjoyed a warm summer night on a Croatian island.

The next morning, we happened to catch the hotel owner, Zlatko, who is Croatian but grew up in South Africa and very fun to talk to. He went over a map of the island with us and helped us plan a fantastic day around Korcula. He and the rest of the staff at The Fabris were super helpful and informative, and had some great recommendations! (Korcula will get it's own separate post).

The outdoor dining area with Hotel Fabris behind me.

The outdoor dining area with Hotel Fabris behind me.


I LOVE hotel breakfasts. I think it's because when I'm traveling, I usually only spend time at the hotel in the morning and at night (because I'm out doing things!) and I love getting a big breakfast in before a day of walking. The breakfast at The Fabris did not disappoint! The outdoor tables were a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee and wake up with the sea breeze.


There was a full spread buffet, and options to order eggs and other hot food (included with your stay).


Overall, we loved The Fabris. The owner has big plans on the horizon, including a sister hotel with a rooftop, and he has started to plant his own vineyards on the island! Korcula is a fantastic, relaxing, beautiful vacation spot with a lot to offer, and I would love to return one day-- both to Korcula and The Fabris.

This post is sponsored by The Fabris. All photos and opinions are my own.