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Pink Lake, Dimboola

Pink Lake, Dimboola had long been on my detour list of random things to see in Victoria, so one weekend, after a trip to the Grampians and Mt. Arapiles, Rivet and I spent some extra time to go see the pink salt lake.


The Pink Lake is 35 minutes north-west of Horsham, and about 4 hours from Melbourne. It wouldn't necessarily be worth a 4 hour drive, but it was well worth the 35 minute drive!


We were there on a day in the late summer that was partially overcast and quite dry. When the sun came through was when you could really see the pink tint of the lake! I think it would be ideal to go during the winter, on a sunny day after there has been consistent rain in the area.


Apparently the lake is pink due to the beta-carotene produced by algae living in the lake, and the salt itself is rich in phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and potassium. Learn more, and see some more great pictures, here.

The salt by Mount Zero Olives, is harvested at Pink Lake, Dimboola using traditional, sustainable methods.

All in all, it was a fun little detour and addition to a weekend away. I would advise wearing rainboots or other water proof shoes-- I wore my Birkenstocks and they have been permanently stained with a dry white layer of salt!


Have you visited any salt lakes or salt flats? I'm definitely interested in checking out more!