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Here is a little overview of the skin care products I've been using! I have acne prone, oily skin, and it has definitely taken me a long time to find all the right products that work for me. I still get break outs, and I probably will until I'm 80. Ultimately, what affects my skin the most is how much water I drink, what I eat, and how much I exercise. So hypothetically if I'm living well, I might be able to ditch all of these products but I'm not really willing to risk it lol. Here are the products below if you just want to check them out yourself and don't feel like reading/scrolling through this whole post! I wouldn’t blame you! (Refresh if you don’t see products directly below this paragraph.)

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Kate Somerville Detox Daily Cleanser

I’ve been using this cleanser for a few years now and I love it! It is for acne prone skin, but I don’t find it harsh or drying at all. It’s a soft gel that foams up, and it smells like lemon. 10/10 recommend. Right now I’m only using it as my morning cleanser, but I have often used it morning and night with no problems. It’s a little bit pricey but each bottle lasts me around 6 months because i only use a pea-sized amount, and the top twists closed so it’s been good for traveling.

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Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum

I’ve only tried this Drunk Elephant sample from Sephora. It’s lasted me a few weeks, and I love it! It has made my skin soft, smooth, bright and clear. I love including a super hydrating serum in my routine. I’ve been using this one in the morning after I wash my face to hydrate for the day and I think it works really well. I like to spread things out so I’m not applying like ten things at night. I’m looking forward to purchasing a full-size version of this eventually (it’s pricey!). I also love Glossier’s Super Bounce serum as another option.

5D77AC9F-8C3D-427B-9736-D9CC3418DF7A 2.JPG

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream Sunscreen

This has been on a little break during the winter, but throughout the rest of the year I like to use a moisturizer with SPF. (I normally otherwise use the non-SPF Ultra Facial Cream, (which I still use at night.) Although the SPF version does feel slightly heavier than the normal Ultra Facial Cream, it doesn’t leave my skin greasy and still works well under makeup. Super worth it for that SPF! (You’re welcome, Mom!)

8B52EE58-7054-4A8D-B1EF-601D90CBA83B 2.JPG

Glossier milky jelly cleanser

The milky jelly cleanser is a relatively new addition to my routine, but I really like it so far. I’ve been using it at night, followed by my other glossier products and I don’t know if it’s a total myth that certain products work better together than others, but these ones seem to work really well together, that’s all I’m sayin. It’s super gentle, not very foamy, but it gets the job done! Smells kind of like rose. Apparently you can use it without getting your face wet first, but I haven’t tried that. I just got the smaller version to try, which is a great size for travel (the lid twists and locks shut). I’ll definitely get the full version!

If you haven’t tried glossier products before, get 10% off your order by going through my link here! They always come with a great pink bubble wrap travel bag— I reuse them for months.

6DB926D2-D629-4ADC-9DC5-E41548E3634D 2.JPG

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate

If my skin is feeling clogged, I use ExfoliKate at night instead of or addition to another cleanser. I basically apply it and let if sit on my skin for a few minutes, and then exfoliate to rinse it off. It gets rid of all my dead skin, and my face feels so fresh afterwards! Sometimes I keep it in the shower and do a little mask and exfoliate in there while my pores are nice and open, or sometimes I just do it at the sink and leave it on for a little extra time before exfoliating with it and rinsing it off. People talk about “holy grail” products, and this was definitely one for me, (I’ve been using it for a few years)— it really changed my skin for the better. I always just purchase the mini, travel-size version because I don’t use it too often and it still lasts me for months!

4A29292B-B0BD-4799-B588-D8B46314E124 2.JPG

Glossier super glow

After washing my face at night, I do a few different things depending on how my skin feels. On a normal night, I’ve been using super glow, and it honestly has made my skin so bright and glowy! It’s funny because I originally bought the 3-pack of Glossier serums, and I used the super bounce (recommend) and super pure (didn’t stand out to me) pretty quickly and super glow has just been sitting in my bathroom for months. I finally started using it, to use it up, and now I love it!

Again, if you haven’t tried glossier products before, get 10% off your order by going through my link here!

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Glossier solution

If I feel like I need some extra cleansing, I use the Glossier solution after washing my face. It’s kind of like an exfoliating toner, that you apply with a cotton pad. I think it’s a little harsh to use every single day but I use it a few times a week. I make sure to let it dry before I apply moisturizer, which takes a little while but I like to let it all soak in. It’s great if I’m breaking out and it makes my skin tingle a little in that satisfying/clean way.

CBFF4CBE-84DF-4A91-9E05-4869F5248722 2.JPG

Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Glow Pad

I use one of these face tanner pads before the weekend or before a special event every once in a while. They also sort of act like a toner and leave my skin in really good condition (and with a light tan!) It’s never too intense and they were especially great during winter. There’s enough on the pad to cover my neck, chest and shoulders as well which is a plus. They’re individually wrapped so it’s really easy to throw them in a makeup bag while traveling.

373D0290-A70C-423E-856B-D5B39D9E7DA5 2.JPG

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream

I’ve mentioned this already above, but I’ve used the Ultra Facial Cream for years and I love it! Even though it’s called a cream, it’s super light but so hydrating. I feel like my skin drinks it right up and I probably won’t ever bother trying a different moisturizer!

B51B2C02-1332-49D6-B1FC-7273ADAD53AC 2.JPG

Summer Fridays Jetlag Mask

This is clearly a well-loved product! It has lasted SO long (I bought it last summer and it feels like it’s nearly full even though I use it fairly often. I use it some nights as an extra hydrating moisturizer if I feel like mixing it up, or I use a thick layer as a face mask, OR (the best use) I put it on during a long flight as a super hydrating and protecting moisturizer/face mask. I rinse it off before landing, and it gives me a little in-flight spa moment.