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My Spring Uniform

For my first fashion post I, wanted to share what I already know is going to be my spring uniform. And no, it is not just my dirty AirForce 1’s although those are a definite necessity and they are dirty because I wear them All. The. Time. I need comfy clothes that I can work from home in and go to the dog park, but still feel (at least somewhat) pulled together. I have spent a lot of mornings walking Romeo in sweatpants and I’m excited to break that habit, by putting on shorter, stretchier pants!

Enter, bike shorts. After seeing these around for a while, I was finally convinced when a middle-aged woman told my best friend that she was a “treat” in her leopard print bike shorts. If that’s not a compliment, I don’t know what is! The leopard print ones are the true MVP here. I’ve become a strong believer in the “leopard print is a neutral” camp.

Bike shorts with an oversized graphic tee is stylish yet still casual. I go for band tees but any graphic tee will work, as long as it has a little shape to it. Tying a knot in the hem can spice things up too!

And lastly, a pair of white sneakers to pull the whole look together. Although I will admit that I’ve stopped wearing my white sneakers to the dog park because I was sick of washing them so often, but this is the ideal pairing. (Also protip— white leather shoes are MUCH easier to clean than cotton!) I’m not super into the really chunky dad sneaker thing, but as I mentioned earlier, I am a committed AirForce 1’s gal. Also, despite my loyalty to AF1’s, Veja sneakers are super sustainable and should definitely be on your radar if they aren’t already!

What else is going to be on repeat this spring?